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In Byways of Blessedness James Allen instructs us on how to improve our life and spiritual wellbeing through the power of positive thinking. Allen teaches how . Byways of Blessedness. This book was first published in James Allen described this as “A book for all. It aims to reveal the sublime principles which lie . Byways to Blessedness by James Allen – Once again James Allen instructs us on how to improve our life and spiritual wellbeing through the power of positive.

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If you ever asked anybody “what’s the meaning of life? I will give my cheerful, unselfish, and undivided attention to the doing of all those things which enter into my compact with life, and, though I walk under colossal responsibilities, I shall be unconscious of any troublesome weight or grievous burden. In the measure that a man increases and enlarges his sympathy so much nearer does he approach the ideal life, the perfect blessedness; and when his heart has become so mellowed that no hard, bitter, or cruel thought can enter and detract from its permanent sweetness, then indeed is he richly and blessednesw blessed.

Jun 13, Micke Sandlin rated it really liked it. Allen teaches how to see what is right in front of us and to not simply rush by. His position requires that he shall strongly command himself; that he shall think and search, and rouse himself to strenuous and unremitting exertion in order to regain himself. Growth – gain – necessitates sacrifice – loss. Even the immediate pleasure which formerly he greedily sought is gone from them; their surface attractiveness has vanished; he is no longer ignorant concerning their true nature; he sees them as they are.

If not, come with me for a short time, and thoughtfully explore this much ignored byway of blessedness, for blessed it is when wisely resorted to, and much strength and comfort it holds bleseedness the understanding mind.

Byways to Blessedness

Is not because my blind animal passions are aroused and allowed to subdue my better nature? He who regards his molest delinquencies as of the gravest nature becomes a saint.

Where does temptation assail you most strongly? If a man has such deep love for his fellow-men that he is anxious to do a great work for humanity he will manifest that surpassing love always and in the place where he now is.

Byways of Blessedness by James Allen

Aspire to the attainment of inward nobility, not outward glory, and begin to attain it where you now are. He has abandoned the folly of wanting others to think and act as he thinks and acts, for he sees men are variously constituted, are at different points in their spritual evolution, and must, of necessity, think and act differently.

Alldn will be found that men see evil in those who differ from them, good in those who agree with them. Sympathy given is blessedness received; sympathy withheld is blessedness forfeited. Look not about for magical formulas, for strained and artificial methods. Only in this way can you become en rapport with them, and so fathom their life, their experience, and understand it, and when a man is understood it becomes impossible to condemn him.


Little kindnesses, generosities, and sacrifices make up a kind and generous character.

Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you. Life is a kind of cooperative trust in which the whole is of the nature of, and dependent upon, the unit. Then there is the sacrifice of greed and all greedy thoughts.

Aplen was said by one of old to those who were about to stone, as evil, a woman taken in jajes act of committing one of the darkest sins: By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

Nor can the impatient man know aught of true blessedness, for he is a continual source of trouble and unrest to himself. We give you a powerful platform upon which to do God’s Work learning and sharing New Thought: Upon questioning him I found, of course, that he had never tried truth and honesty in his bywyas, had not even thought of trying the better way, so firmly convinced was he that it was not possible for him to know whether or not it would be productive or ruin. Then there is a sense in which every day may be regarded as the blessednss of a new life, in which one can think, act, and live newly, and in a wiser and better spirit.

Why does a man continue to do certain things which he feels he ought not to do? Whosoever is blinded and deluded by vanity will continually see something in the actions and the attitudes of others towards him at which to take offence, and the more there is of vanity the more greatly will the imaginary slight or wrong be exagerrated.

Anything you want, you will have to do on your own. Not that a duty has any power of itself to bestow happiness or the reverse – this is contained in the attitude of the mind which is assumed towards the duty – and everything depends upon the way in which it is approached and done. I tell you that that very thing which you regard as so imprisoning a restriction is the first gateway to your emanicipation; that work which you regard as a perpetual curse contains for you the actual blessedness which you vainly persuade yourself lies in another and unapproachable direction.

Cheerfulness and unselfishness are sworn friends. Although he never achieved great fame or wealth, his works continue to influence people around the world, including the New Thought movement. There is no way to strength and wisdom but by acting strongly and wisely in the present moment, and each present moment reveals its own task. Not by the callous of destruction of weaker things is life truly lived, but by their preservation:. Can fire quench fire? He who separates himself from sinners, regarding them as wicked men to be avoided, is like a man avoiding contact with little children because they are unwise, disobedient, and play with toys.


See more by James Allen. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. He sees the far reaching influence, good or bad, which extends from his every thought and act, and how he himself is made or unmade by the soundness or unsoundness of those innumerable details of conduct which combine to form his character and life, and so he watches, guards, purifies, and perfects himself little by little and step by step.

Byways of Blessedness

No trivia or quizzes yet. But, by the storms of circumstance unshaken, And subject neither to eclipse nor wane, Duty exists.

But this ceaseless condemnation of each other by those who are involved in the fierce play of the passions must needs, be, for it one of the modes of operation of the Great Law which universally and eternally obtains, and the unrighteous one who falls under the condemnation of his fellows will the more rapidly reach a higher and nobler condition of heart and life if he humbly accepts the censure of others as the effect of his own sin, and resolves henceforward to refrain from all condemnation of others.

Well, take breath for the next. Love is its own reward, its own joy, its own satisfaction; it is the final refuge and resting-place of passion-tortured souls. Because another is unkind to you is no justification of your own unkindness, but is rather a call for the exercise of great kindness on your part.

Byways to Blessedness eBook by James Allen | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

These beginnings are to be found in the realm of your own thoughts and actions; in your mental attitude under the variety of circumstances through which you pass; in your conduct day by day – in short, in your life as you make it, which is your world of good or ill. The same law holds good in any important work: Is it not true that neither of them are trying, and that both are blest or unblest in accordance with the measure of love or selfishness which is infused into them?

When this is fully understood all things are seen as sacred, and every act becomes religious. Allen — along with his wife and thei The James Allen Free Library Allen was 15 when his father, a businessman, was robbed and murdered. When a man comes to under38 stand that every sin, whether of thought or deed, receives its just quota of suffering he ceases to condemn and begins to sympathise, seeing the sufferings which sin entails; and he comes to such understanding by purifying himself.

Let each man wheel with steady sway Round the task that rules the day, And do his best.