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I recalled that there was a ‘setting’ in d20 Future known as Mecha Crusade which was basically the premise of every Gundam show so far and. Chapter 1: Introduction. “Mecha” is the term used by Japanese animators and fans to refer to the mechanical designs that appear in Japanese animation. Documents Similar To Mecha Crusade. Mekton Zeta – Starblade Uploaded by. Tatsumaki91 ยท D20 Modern – Complete Pulp Heroes [Sourcebook].

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Finally – I haven’t really heard anything about the Mecha Crusade mini-game other than the fact that it’s good. I keep running into people endorsing this mini-game on these boards.

It uses concepts from the core d20 Modern RPG rules and x20 Urban Arcana and d20 Menace Manual sourcebooks, which are also recommended for use to get the most from the setting.

Monday, 17th February, It is a world where monsters and magic exist, yet the human psyche just cannot fathom them and covers up all supernatural events. What I’m hoping is that there’s a potential GM out there that might be interested in running this using the d20 Modern frusade please, no trying to convince me that this would run better in X, Y, or Z, yes that’s potentially true but not what I’m after.

It also defines the characters’ financial conditions, from being opulent to impoverishment. You state that you don’t want anyone to try and convince you to play a different system, so while the first thing I think is “What about one of the many excellent dedicated mecha RPGs?

Mecha Crusade: Any support?

Last Database Backup I recalled that there was a ‘setting’ in d20 Future known as Mecha Crusade which was basically the premise of every Gundam show so far and after looking through both d20 Future and d20 Future Tech I begun to see how a game could be played out. On a plus note, in such a game – in my opinion – it’d be quite possible to have different characters, it’s not like everyone needs to be a mecha jockey!


November Learn how and when to remove this template message. A hero who has a way with words and personal magnetism.

d20 Mecha Crusade – Myth-Weavers

Maybe someone else will care to chime in on their reasons for not talking about it? Mecha Crusade Average Rating: The result can be increased by occupation, the Windfall feat, and the Profession skill.

Just a couple of random ideas. Thanks for the advice. Does anyone know which Dungeon issue corresponds to November ? The game uses crusxde d20 Modern System and mechanically if not thematically is compatible with most d20 Modern supplements.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. All heroes start with a first level basic class. May 5 ’14, The worlds of H.

d20 Mecha Crusade

I’ll set up the game forum this week and we can start the character creation process. Join Date Jan Location Nowhere. First off I’d like to make my interest in this clear, I do not want to run such a game, I’d like to play in one! Advanced classes can be easily achieved depending on the hero’s basic class. No Web Links Found. In this campaign setting, magic at least in the traditional sense does not exist, but psychic capabilities called psionics do.

There’s 14 advanced classes to qualify: For instance, a Tough Hero can be an excellent candidate for Bodyguard or Daredevil. What about giant guardian generation?

Determining wealth at first level, the player rolls a four-sided die two times mehaand then adds the results together. How can I get my hands crrusade a copy? Can anyone tell me about the setting? Out of curiosity, no interest as a player or no interest as a GM? Thunderball Rally was the second mini-game in a brief series of previews for d20 Modern that appeared in the early issues of the third and last edition of Polyhedron Magazinewhich was on the flipside of Dungeon Magazine.


I have seen that happen on a number of occasions, slowly, bit by bit. Dogfighters piloting craft from out of a carrier ship, Engineers constantly tinkering away, building new gear and keeping everything running smoothly, a Field Officer co-ordinating battles and ‘buffing’ friendlies Just not a fan of the lack of melee weapons for Mecha and something like a high frequency sword or knife, like the Armor Schneider as a back up weapon seems like an obvious gap filler to me.

I love the idea of controlling a giant mecha about as much as I do being an epic wizard and I would desperately love to see that people have supported this paragon of geekery.

Am I being silly and misinterpreting what appears on their website? These heroes are brawny, and they greatly favor melee combat. Is there anymore official content for it? The player characters are somehow capable of seeing through this veil, and typically take on responsibility for defending humanity from the monsters. Some, however, break that barrier and become aware of the world around them, and help Mages, Acolytes, and other magical characters fight with monsters from another realm.

A novella taking place in this setting was published on the WotC website.

d20 Future

The game uses the d20 System and Dungeons and Dragons 3. Details for the contest, the great prizes, and a d0 to ask questions may be found in the Storycrafting Announcement thread. Reasons may greatly vary on the Gamemaster. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In this setting, dragons rule the boardrooms and bugbears rule the streets. This is a very