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The Paperback of the Spin Roulette Gold: Secrets of Beating the Wheel by Frank Scoblete at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. UKorg: Review of the book ‘Spin Roulette Gold’ by Frank Scoblete. Until now, few books have been devoted exclusively to this burgeoning game. In “Spin Roulette Gold,” a premier roulette authority clearly explains how to get the.

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Spin Roulette Gold: Secrets of Beating the Wheel – Frank Scoblete – Google Books

And gain practical and workable advice on money management and mental preparation. Well, if I said the money would have been better spent on a pint at my local ‘Spoons, that might be a clue?

How to Mimic Fortunes. In words and pictures, dice control experts Frank Scoblete and Dominator will show you what it takes to develop a Golden Touch controlled dice throw at craps.

You’ll learn expert strategies and money-management systems that are geared to s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g your time at the machines while simultaneously reducing your risk. They range from the widely-known through sadly little-practiced method of card counting all the rouleyte to the devastating methods designed to ascertain the rank of the very next card coming out of the deck or shoe!

Of the eoulette, 56 of them are simply a record of “live spin” results taken from the display boards of roulette tables in casinos in LV and Atlantic City. How to Set the Dice: Follow the advice offered by these writers, and you’ll leave the casino with some of their money.

Now a new “improved” version of this venerable game has taken the casinos by storm. The Morons of Blackjack and Other Monsters There is more to gambling than just strategies and systems – there’s the human side – fold side that gets frustrated, angry, annoyed.


Everything you need to know to come home a winner. Lists with This Book. Blackjack books all say how easy it is, and at first glance it might seem simple enough? Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution Maybe you’ve heard of card counting at blackjack, or even tried it.

At the other end of the scale two occurences of the same number in twenty spins he considers to be a “weak BIG number”. From the birth of the slots in the s to the creation of today’s new “smart machines,” Scoblete explains how the machines fraank and how to beat them. Along the way he also explains machines godl such similar games as video blackjack, video craps and video keno; wisely discusses money management and takes time out for bits of pure fun.

Steele offers another approach to the game. BIG numbers form part of Mr S’s “Double Dynamite System”, which also incorporates “sector slicing” – 27 pages of the book are devoted scoblet diagrams of wheels, each carrying marks denoting the previous sixteen or twenty results and with a description of how you’d bet in response to the past results.

Plan for educated risk takers; how to fix the most common problems that can hurt your shooting; and, how to form winning dice control teams.

It all adds up to this: Frank thoroughly explains and demonstrates how to analyze and profit from possible dealer signatures. In fact, its popularity is growing — especially in America, where new casinos and new players have discovered roulette’s exciting and seductive charms. Still, blackjack is more than just basic strategies and counting systems; there is also the human element.

But it is better to say that it is a former threat. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Even so-called “veteran” players are often long-term losers at the game because they have never taken the time to study how to play or analyze their own individual games.


Epstein The author is a real scientist, as all his conclusions are not hung in the air but explained in full. Guerrilla Gambling teaches zpin how to take advantage of the casinos without the casinos taking advantage of you. On his Wikipedia page, it’s recorded that Mr S use to be an actor in a travelling theatre company he had a financial interest in during scobpete s, but while researching the part of a gambler he and his good lady discovered that they enjoyed gambling more than they did acting.

Username Password Remember me. If players don’t understand the best strategies for standing or folding, the casino will take a shark’s bite out of their fleshy bankrolls. The Captain’s Special Report. His newest books are Slots Conquest: Break the One-Armed Bandits First time ever, an sckblete source reveals exactly where the “loose” and “tight” machines are located in a casino.

Spin Roulette Gold

The casinos are confident that this new game will lure players by its dazzling rules and exciting atmosphere — players who will then proceed to happily lose. Was it a steal?

The Ultimate Blackjack Book. Spin Roulette Gold by Frank Scoblete. There are now more roulette wheels and more roulette players than ever before in history.

In “Spin Roulette Gold,” a premier roulette authority clearly explains how to get the long- and