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M4 – 1 click=2 MOA. • When zeroing The recommended mounting position of the M68 CCO is the forward rail slot on . On a 25 meter M16A2 zeroing target. A Battle Sight Zero allows you to aim center mass on a target and achieve a hit from zero to meters. . M16A4. M4/M4A1. Carrying Handle. Windage. ½ MOA. 1 MOA. Carrying Handle. Elevation. 1 ½ MOA CCO (Windage and. Elevation). feedback (Figure 10). The M Sight, RCO, when installed on a M4/M4A1/ M16A4/M16A2, is zeroed on a standard M16 zero target with alternate strike points.

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Precisely boresighting a laser allows direct engagement of targets without a meter zero. Place the firearm in a safe condition prior to handling or making any of the exercises demonstrated below. To reduce a stoppage—. The weapon system is now boresighted and ready to engage targets or conduct a meter zero.

When the visible laser is adjusted to the reference point at 2 meters, then start the procedure again at 10 meters.

Zeroing the Close Combat Optic (CCO), Part 1:

The TWS is a thermal sight and does not require the use of night vision devices. Make adjustments to the M68 until the visible laser of the borelight is centered on the borelight circle on the meter boresight target. In order to use this technique, first concentrate on the target and point your weapon in the general direction of the target.

It takes practice to get used to the two-eyes opened method. Then, using a meter boresight target, the weapon can be boresighted with any optic, laser, or iron sight that the soldier is assigned to fire. While keeping the weapon on your shoulder, Pull and lock the charging handle to the rear while Observing the ejection port to see if a cartridge case, belt link, or round is ejected.


With the newer version, this stuttering is not as obvious. If the stoppage occurs with a hot weapon or more rounds in less than 2 minutes, or as noted previously for training —.

Fold BIS down once step a. All of this training has been conducted to allow you to go back to your units and give them the training to make them a more efficient soldier.

Have the firer get behind the weapon in a stable supported firing position looking through the M Its fire-and-forget guidance mode enables gunners to fire and then targett take cover. An example can be illustrated by holding up your hand with the index finger pointing up, close one eye, then rapidly open and close the other eye.

Ensure mount assembly does not extend beyond the end of the Picatinny Rail. Regardless of the mounting location, the adjuster that is on top or bottom will always be the adjuster for elevation and the one on the side will be the windage adjuster. After the soldier has mastered the art of scanning he will find that targets are more easily detected by acknowledging the flicker or the movement of a target.

However, once this is accomplished, your field of view will increase and your target acquisition time will decrease.

FM Chapter 8 Advanced Optics, Lasers, And Iron Sights (Phase V of

Align the threads properly to avoid cross threading and turn clockwise. This chapter discusses several aspects of combat marksmanship, including safety, administrative, weapons. Follow the direction of the arrow to move the point of impact to the right R.


The aiming method two eyes open or one eye open used to zero must be used to engage targets. PE-1 Instructor to student ratio is: Provide remedial training cci needed. Multiple shots may be fired using the controlled pair, automatic weapons fire, and the failure drill methods.


After boresighting the M68, the soldier must confirm the boresight ccoo a 25 meter zero range. Before boresighting the TWS, make sure the borelight has been zeroed to the weapon.

As mentioned in our previous post on the CCO, it is recommended that it be zeroed and fired with both eyes open.

Place the red dot center mass of the target, and then engage. Both the narrow and wide field of views must be boresighted and zeroed. On the right, you. Do not turn the adjustment screws too much or tarrget will break.


The system performance improvements include a higher velocity rocket motor that extends the weapon effective range, increased lethality warheads, lower more consistent trigger release force, rifle type sight system, and better overall system reliability and safety. The procedures for record qualification are:. Never point a weapon at anyone, unless a life-threatening situation justifies the use of deadly force.

PE-2 Instructor to student ratio is: The mount does not extend beyond the end of the Rail. With the help of an assistant, place the boresight target 10 meters in front of the weapon.