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if there is a change in density of fuel oil, do we need make any change in the alcap purifier configuration? (as in the earlier ones were we had to. Consult Alfa Laval’s Alcap separation system brochure on DirectIndustry. HFO cSt, they decided to upgrade one purifier to an Alfa Laval SA separator. To overcome this problem, Alpha Laval has developed the Alcap separator, the Ensure purifier has been fully assembled, that the bowl cover.

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Catharina is designed to use heavy fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of cSt.

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Manually set gravity discs have replaced the more refined Alcap technology in the separator bowl. However, after two full years of operation, the father-and-son team decided to explore the possibilities of further increasing fuel cost savings.

In case of vibration or excessive current shut down immediately and investigate. Hi, I am not sure about the answer. Depending on the water content, the EPC60 either opens the drain valve or expels the water through the bowl discharge ports during sludge discharge. Your email address will not be published.

The total losses of sludge, oil and water during the discharge process are considerably less than other separator models due to bowl design, size, longer discharge intervals and accurate controls.

Martech is an engineering consulting company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada. This principle is puricier in Settling Tanks. In the clarifier mode, a clarifier disc is fitted instead of gravity disc.

Centrifugal Purifiers or Separators Theory, Working and ALCAP Principal

At regular intervals a sludge cycle will take place. Alap oil, heated to the correct temperature, is fed continuously to the separator for the cleaning of impurities. Warm through and open heating steam to and from heaters.


The feed regulating allcap to the purifier should be set to zero. Explain how the centrifuge described in is able to remove water from a fuel which has a density that is higher than that of purrifier and state any factors that may assist the operation. Alcap purifiers can be more regarded as clarifier. Purifiers are often attributed to cause sleepless nights to 4th engineers.

When the Dutch fishing trawler KW Catharina set sail on the North Sea init signaled more purifker a generational shift for the van der Plas family. The system operates on the Alcap principle. State how the problem of catalytic fines in fuel oil may be dealt with. The result is a separator with the same high performance, but one that does not automatically compensate for process fluctuations. In the purifier mode, the EPC60 unit automatically controls the water admitted to the separator for the water seal and displacement of oil prior to sludge discharge.

Rajon Khan February 20, at 8: The purifier pump suction should be closed, the pump discharge valve open to the heaters, and the recirc valve open back to the purifier suction. Global Pruifier is a marine, offshore and engineering consultancy company. General Arrangement for Purifiers on board is given in the diagram.

Water is accumulated like sludge. You may also like: Hello Srinivas, It is because of the pressure difference of water.

The EPC60 unit provides alarm functions for low oil pressure, high intermediate tank level, and power failure. Lifelong Obsession with all things Nerdy.

A water transducer in the clean oil outlet measures the capacitive resistance and signals changes to the EPC60 control unit. The water transducer supplies information about process conditions in the cleaned oil outlet to the Purjfier 50 unit. How interface is created in purifier?


The EPC60 control system masterminds the operation of the separation system and allows the monitoring of control and qlcap functions. Reply Very explanatory article, which would definitely a guide to all juniors as well a refreshing note for all senior marine engineers.

marine engine simulation: Marine Engine-Question & Answer-Purifier

Alarm functions are also provided for errors involving the EPC60 unit. Did we miss something? This density will fall as the fuel is heated up.

If the water levels exceed the values, the process controller automatically initiates a sludge discharge. The transducer in the discharge line will detect this and if this occurs after the minimum sludge cycle time, a sludge cycle will be initiated; if the water is detected before the minimum sludge cycle time, then water discharge valve will open.

In a clarifier, the water outlet is blocked, i. The discharge from the purifier should be open to the settling tank.

Handling of higher viscosities available. AFPX High capacity solids-ejecting centrifuge But the importance and use of pairing tube and difference between the impeller of Mitsubishi and pairing tube of Alfa laval was missing. Ensure sludge cycle is set to x hours.

As Chief Engineer, write out the start up procedure for the centrifuge described in for the benefit of your staff. Open feed regulator to purifier and shut recirc valve.