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Image of Anadara tuberculosa (G. B. Sowerby I, ). Anadara tuberculosa Trusted. Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial (CC BY-NC ). To determine extreme and optimum temperature and salinity for growth in the mangrove cockle Anadara tuberculosa, we measured the scope. 1Universidad de Nariño, Facultad de Ciencias Pecuarias, Departamento de Recursos Hidrobiológicos, Programa de Ingeniería en Producción Acuícola.

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Pustulose Ark (Anadara tuberculosa) – Shell Valve External View

When the analysis was done separately for each island, a unimodal distribution for La Tiburonera and a multimodal distribution for the other islands was observed San Jorge, El Pajal, La Playa and Bajito Vaqueria Figure 2. Habitat-associated morphological divergence in two Neotropical fish species. The morphological characterization of two piangua species Anadara tuberculosa Sowerby and Anadara similis Adams was performed using geometric morphometric.

To the Program for Animal Genetic Improvement, for having allowed this project to be carried out. The haplotype diversity found for A. The fisheries and growth of Ark Clams Arcoida: The amplified product gene weighed bp. In Colombia, they are the most exploited bivalves in the Pacific coast and the communities that inhabit this region benefit from them 2.

Libro rojo de invertebrados marinos de Colombia. Ninety-nine changes were observed in the sequences of the species A.

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In addition, a phylogenetic tree was elaborated using sequences of sister species as external groups A. The studied populations are not structured and although there is a decrease of natural banks, the genetic diversity is high.


J Zool Syst Evol Res ; 53 3: It was subsequently macerated until small particles were obtained and buffered saline was immediately added 0. Similarly, the nucleotide diversity reported in general was low for all the islands and equal to 0. Los pueblos del mar. ahadara

Rev Biol Trop ; The symbols mean the geographical population, as shown below. Multimodal distributions also represent a reduction in the effective size of the population, which leads to a multimodal mismatch, or that populations are in demographic equilibrium after passing through a bottleneck. Biotechnology and Plant Breeding. Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural.

This shows that, despite the decrease in the density of the population of A. To isolate the DNA, it was centrifuged at 10, rpm for 20 minutes and the supernatant was discarded. Differences due to size are not sufficient to determine the existence of different populations, mainly because these differences may tuberchlosa due to differences in fishery patterns increasing the ratio of smaller sizes.

Pustulose Ark (Anadara tuberculosa) – Shell Valve External View

Pacific Ocean current might favor the genetic flux of organisms of both species, limiting the possibility of evolution of independent populations. Frequent haplotypes of caged Caligus rogercresseyi in the austral south of Tubrculosa Shells of both species were collected in nine different areas of the Colombian Pacific coast during as part of a project on the natural populations of piangua.

Bol Invest Mar Cost ; 39 1: Trends Genet ; 20 tjberculosa Similar values were observed when each island was considered as a population: But, it is likely that these molecular ancestors were present in different organisms at different times.

Lunes a Viernes; 7: How to cite this article. A total of positions were found in the final data set.


Intra-specific variability in life-history traits of Anadara tuberculosa Mollusca: High genetic diversity in the harvestman Geraeocormobius sylvarum Arachnida, Opiliones, Gonyleptidae from subtropical forests in north-eastern Argentina revealed by mitochondrial DNA sequences.

Zool J Linn Soc-Lond ; 3: Stern-Pirlot A, Wolff M. La Playa y 5: The analysis for each population shows only a unimodal distribution for La Tiburonera, and for the other populations San Jorge, El Pajal, La Playa and Bajito Vaqueria the distribution is multimodal, suggesting that these populations are unequal and stationary.

Each one of the obtained sequences was edited and amadara. With respect to the analysis of the distribution between pairs of sequences or “Mismatch distribution” carried out in the five study tubervulosa as a whole, it showed a unimodal distribution, demonstrating that there is a moderate population expansion and that it is in demographic growth or that it has suffered a recent demographic expansion.

Ten specimens were collected at random from each mangrove and were taken to a sterile area where a sample of the muscle tissue of the foot was taken. Zoological Research ; 30 3: On the other hand, the analysis by populations anacara showed no differences between pairs of islands: Landmark methods for forms without landmarks: This loss of variability is probably associated with the fishing of this species without any catch restriction by minimum size 1.