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NERVESCO TS ARCLATHERM HUURE IBERICA HI-CT BATITHANE T. Open the catalogue to page 3. Tooling list (per roofing profile) Roofing or tank type. VAW ALUFORM 29/ ARCLASTYL T ARCLATHERM TS BATITHERM 36 T (HAIRONVILLE ) DECAPANEL C3 FIRESTEEL ( COBACIER. EOTA and bene¿ts an ATE No to 2×1 to 2×1 4. T 13 76 18 Insulating sandwich panel ARCLATHERM TS 3 39 1 22 72 HV .

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This product is designed for zenithal lighting. Integrated in the control box, it allows the transmission of the order of command for the setting in safety. Manual closing by hand. Waterproofed roof Product line.

Two latches are employed to hold the frame in its close position. Arclatberm be thermal insulated. M4 or M4 Non Flammable. For other colours, please consult us. The closing is done manually from the roof. These smoke extractors can be actuated by 2 distinct manual actions 1st and 2nd zone.


Daily ventilation Electrical contactor Thermofuse: Re 1, and Re 10, This smoke vent is a veritable innovation.

Adexsi’s lighting, daily and smoke ventilation solutions

C x 1,00 C x 1,44 C x 1,96 C x 2,56 x x 1,50 x x 2,00 x x 2,30 x x 2,80 Product line. On glass roof overall dimensions per leaf: This smoke vent is a real innovation.

Height of mm with thermal insulation of 15 mm. The vents can be used on simpliest projects as well as more architectural ones. Connect arvlatherm CO2 cartridge Screw the plate Fixing screw Fit the cover low part with the brackets Use the black clips to maintain the box cover Pneumatic.

The opening power is given by gas springs integrated in the system.

Roofing type / profiles – 2CA – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

More by this publisher Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Red-tinted plastic box Electric modules H Product line Renovation Adaptation. The opening frame can only be actuated manually. The opening power is given by a 24V drive integrated in the whole system.


Contact us for more information. Opening of the blades by spring. Overall height per leaf D: This one can be controlled by different systems: It includes preheating in order to avoid condensing, dew, damp… They can be powered by: Certilam F is dedicated for wall mounted installation. If glass supplied by the client and Double glass clear: H g H g H g H g. The value Uw is calculated according to the regulation EN Roof and Walll Smoke ventilation systems.

Thickness of frames is 50 or 60 mm. These human, technical and logistic capacities allow a production of the highest quality. Nord Les Pins – B. For double domes with falling edges: