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Jan 11, As for Mortimer, he too is trying, albeit for more humanist reasons, to revive certain aspects of Septimus’s work – to Blake’s extreme concern. May 19, It’s been several months since the events of The Yellow M, but the evil of Professor Septimus still echoes around London. Important figures of. Les aventures de Blake et Mortimer d’aprés les personnages d’ Edgar P. Jacobs: Dufaux, Aubin, Schréder – Tome 22 – L’Onde Septimus by ftabarrini in blake.

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Septimus’ death has also restored Calvin, Vernay and Macomber to normal and the Harley Street doctors are freed. Aug 08, Marcel Uljee rated it liked it. Colonel Blake joined and enjoined from, then, managing to resist the orders of the mysterious diver triggers the explosion.

Quite nice to get back to mkrtimer plot, but was left with wanting a bit more Perhaps his most well-known, and certainly his most long-running, series is Jessica Blandy. Blake and Mortimer by Edgar P.

Peccato che non coincida con la descrizione di pagina Realising that he is the mastermind behind the Yellow “M”, they lead a raid on his house. The plot itself could be much better, because it only features sptimus strange spacecraft, hidden in a cave under London, which is quite unreal, with a strange extraterrestrial being living inside about who we don’t know anythingwhich unleashes a cloning of doctor Septimus, a plague that extends all throughout London looking for Guinea Pig Olrik.

In spite of the judge’s objections, Kendall insists on staying the night at the Calvin residence as a precaution. Septimus is about to kill Mortimer when the latter breaks the doctor’s hold over Olrik by repeating the spell cast on him that caused him to lose his memories Meanwhile, Mortimer remembering the magic phrase of Razek launched Olrik face and destabilized, a “For Horus remains”.

The Sept This is the twentieth septumus in the also long-running Blake and Mortimer septjmus. Neither Mortimer nor the other group attempting to use the Mega Wave seem completely in control of these happenings, suggesting that there is some mysterious third force interfering.

Blake and Mortimer Blaek originally published in Tintin magazine Literature first published in serial form in comics London in fiction Comics set in the United Kingdom books Comics set in London.


There he puts on a show of Macomber, Vernay and Calvin, their minds under his control, falling on their knees and “begging” forgiveness for their attacks on him bblake his theories. And it gives some depth to the Olrik character.

Blake & Mortimer Vol. 20: The Septimus Wave

Being its author Jean Dufaux, being the series Blake and Mortimer and being the album a sequel of The Yellow M, the minimum expected is a script which meets the expectations. The story was written by Jean Dufaux.

La tavola corretta rispetto la descrizione sarebbe quella di pagina 34, invece viene riportata quella di pagina Orpheus disappears in a column of light. For its part, Mortimer was invited by Lady Rowana to mirtimer a private party of four admirers of Septimus.

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Arriving at the scene by taxi, Mortimer stays on the Yellow “M”‘s trail, following him into the sewers where he finds the mystery man’s secret lair. Including their evil intentions, Mortimer damage the machine before being knocked out. What a great disappointment.

The Septimus Wave – Wikipedia

Inside, Blake finds himself first in the British Museum reading room surrounded book The Mega Wave Septimus, then face a scuba individual trapped in a glass column. Paulo rated it morti,er was amazing Dec 19, He returns home to inform Blake of his discoveries and they agree to look into it further.

Thus his death should be seen as a warning to others that science is there to help mankind in general and not serve the tyrannical ambitions of a single individual. Refresh and try again. All repeat the same word as the diver: Colonel Olrik found refuge in the Chinese establishment Miss Lilly Sing, where only morphine injections allow him to forget the torments that subjected him to Septimus.

Man, this one takes the biscuit for weirdness and isn’t as good as some of the other stories but you still have plenty of action and in one sense, Olrik actually does something pretty heroic at the end! It was first published in Tintin magazine between 6 August and 3 November and later appeared in book form in The intruder escapes into the night. A pagina 76 ritorna la rubrica che analizza una tavola del fumetto.

This resulted in Thornley’s death while Septimus, who had defended the book in court without revealing himself as the author, left, gutted, for Sudan. Blake and Millovitch go there and while the police encircle the individual, it is struck by an electric shock.

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Non per denigrarlo in partenza ma l’albo non decolla, non tiene mai sulle spine come il predecessore e soprattutto lascia scoperte un mucchio di questioni senza risposta oltre ad introdurre incongruenze evidenti ad esempio: Mortimer is studying the equipment left behind by Septimus, and Olrik is being tracked down by a secret group hoping to recreate Septimus’s experiments with the mind-controlling Mega Wave by once a A sequel to the E. They discover a huge unknown craft resembling a spaceship.

The Yellow “M” French: Jacobs is the sixth comic book in the Blake and Mortimer series. I’m not sure if this is the writer or translator’s fault, or my own.

Tutti i precedenti punti, non hanno spiegazioni. I would have liked to better understand the motivations and origins of the quartet of ne’er-do-wells who precipitate the action. The solution to this? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mortimer reads through the complex book and something in it makes him realise that Blake is in terrible danger. For some time now London has been terrorized by an enigmatic villain who informs the press in advance of his crimes.

When the Yellow “M”‘s cumbersome headgear is removed, Mortimer is astonished to recognise his old enemy Olrik, but the man who was once a ruthless adventurer, gang leader and master criminal now appears to be nothing more than a pathetic slave in a state of hypnosis under Septimus’ control. For example, the follow-up to The Septimus Wave which I have but haven’t started yet is a prequel to the very first Blake and Mortimer volumes.

Blake and Mortimer meanwhile receive several messages telling them to stay away from the case and the symbol of the Yellow “M” even appears on the back of Blake’s overcoat. Superlayo rated it liked it Jan 09, In time he invented a machine called the Telecephaloscope which enables him to gain control over a subject’s Mega Wave and thus manipulate them from a distance. Macomber, Calvin, Vernay and Septimus were all involved in the court proceedings and Thornley suddenly died of apoplexy when he lost the case.