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Apr 18, This page is for approved Creative Thaumtaturgy only, if it has not been approved by a story teller then please do not add it. The ArCana. + oF +. CreatIve Thaumatury. The Arcana of Creative Thaumaturgy A Summary of Arcana Capabilities By Rank and Practice by Libra For use with. As the title says, I am wondering what are some creative uses that people have used for the Thaumaturgy Cantrip.

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Guiding Star Dice Pool: Jerad Sayler Assistant Storytellers: Matter proves mastery over the Fallen World’s physicality.

I have all sorts of Physics going through my head, but nothing I would be comfortable translating into the Storytelling System. Too many willpower dots to relinquish that many thaumaturgu of this spell.


It seems you have no tags attached to pages. For the duration, the subject is unable to notice the passage of time except as intended by the mage and even looking at clocks or other methods to know the time is uneffective.

Forces — electromagnetic spectrum, heat, cold, kinetics, gravity, pressure, electricity, fire, radiation, weather, sound, light, magnetism, observable energy.

The table above describes the intensity to light surfaces on the same scale as the original spell. Expression, Crearive, Science This spell twists the subject’s sense of time. The following spells are non-canon Creative Thaumaturgy Spells that are approved for play on Fallcoast.

Use the Practice descriptions and the following list as a guideline: Rank Suggested rote skills: The last time I bothered to get in touch with the White-Wolf Forums, I got into a discussion about which Arcana and what level a mage would be able to influence the weight of an object. Create account or Sign in. Because my autocorrect and this website have a weird relationship. Fate can cause good or ill fortune, bestow blessings, render curses, create Supernally binding Oaths.


Their powers are invariably connected in some manner to the nature of, or the manner of death of, the ghost inhabiting them — e. One point of lethal damage is inflicted per success.

Mage/Creative Thaumaturgy

Add a new page. The mage can shape the environment in the digital space accessed by the Mind 4 spell Virtual Voyage to create an abode or protected space that can be accessed there.

Yhaumaturgy spell permits the necromancer to create a gazhdum by binding a ghost — sometimes voluntarily, sometimes forcibly — into an object that is somehow tied to the events of its life or death typically, one of its anchors. Together we can harness the gestalt of our collective minds to hammer out issues of balance, theme, and overall coolness.

Last edited by falco ; To attach a tag simply click on the tags button at the bottom of any page. If the mage wins the clash of wills or the mundane research rolls fail, the false information is provided instead of thaumarurgy truth. I do not expect this one to be as insanely popular as the first, and I’m sure that thaumaturby here will likely have already been introduced there as well.


Creative Thaumaturgy: Fallen World Edition – Onyx Path Forums

I like to think so. Like Body Mastery pMysterium before it, the mage is able to invigorate the target’s body, causing all forms of damage to heal more rapidly. Help Contact Us Go to top. Post here is you want to share your cool ideas or to get, and give, critiques. The only limits are the rule that a character may only earn one Beat per scene from.

If you’re new and you add a spell, I’ll find you on the site update list, and I’ll make your page as soon as I find time.

If a person receives -Fate to their defense in one instance, they then revert to the cumulative -1 following that instance. Spells found in this wiki are not guaranteed to function in your World of Darkness game. Oh great I will make tons of these. When used on an unAwakened character, the target benefits from typical Peripheral Mage Sight for the duration, but gains no further benefit. Time is the Gross ruling Thauamturgy of Arcadia. These items may be turned into a rote, following the rules from MtA p.

Retrieved from ” http: Fate is the Subtle ruling Arcanum of Arcadia.

Most players will be somewhere in-between once they get the hang of it.