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The wood gasifier design presented in this report has as its origin the proven technology used in World War II during actual shortages of gasoline and diesel fuel. and FEMA EMWE We’rk Unit D. APPROVED FOR .. The wood gasifier design presented in this report has as its origin the proven technology. If you google “fema gasifier” there will be several documents that should pop up. Below is an example.

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Detailed, step-by-step procedures are presented in this report for constructing a simplified version of the World War II, Imbert wood gas generator. A proven design concept that works very well and is stable if it’s set up correctly. However, this report is concerned with the operation of four-cylinder gasoline engines rated from 10 to horsepower. After the discovery of large petroleum reserves in Pennsylvania inthe entire world changed to oil – a cheaper and more convenient fuel.

Below this zone is the grate. The goal of this report is to furnish information for building a homemade wood gas generator made out of ordinary, available hardware, in order to get tractors, trucks, and other vehicles operating without delay, if a severe liquid fuel emergency should arise.

My line of reasoning is well supported by those with experience, and I encourage all readers to investigate other forums on this topic including driveonwood. The purpose of this design is to get engines running quickly for essential functions when only biomass is available as fuel. Also, I express some skepticism that any filtration system will catch all the tar.

The use of wood gas generators need not be limited to transportation applications. One example welded a restriction plate on the end of the fire tube and supplied air to the fire tube via nozzles, and closed off the hopper so all air entered the system through the nozzles.

New Aquaponics Series from Jack Spirko. So, there is some evidence that a few relatively simple modifications to the FEMA can dramatically improve its performance. At the bottom of this zone, all of the available oxygen from the air was completely reacted. A gas generator unit is, simultaneously, an energy converter and a filter. However, petroleum shortages during World War II led to widespread gas generator applications in the transportation industries of Western Europe.


Two-thirds is lost into the environment with the smoke.

Wood gas generators are not technological marvels that can totally eliminate our current dependence on oil, reduce the impacts of an energy crunch, or produce long-term economic relief from high fossil fuel prices, but they are a proven emergency solution when such fuels become unobtainable in case of war, civil upheaval, or natural disaster. Bridging can be prevented by stirring, shaking, or by agitating the grate or by having it agitated by the vehicle’s movement.

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The uppermost zone contains unreacted fuel through which air and oxygen enter. I mentioned in a previous gwsifier some modifications that might be done.

I think owning people is wrong. Personally, I find the videos rather interesting and chose not to marginalize the author’s efforts. If more information is needed about operating gasifiers on other fuels such as coal, charcoal, peat, sawdust or seaweeda list of relevant literature is contained in the Bibliography at the end of this report. Very little to no tar mess to be disposed of or dealt with.

Awesome point glad someone made itthere are going to be a lot of peoples uses and fuel sources that will differ gasicier use to useand there several types of gasifiers as well II; or Reed gasifjer Das The open top permits fuel to be fed more easily and allows easy access. The FEMA gasifier was only meant as a last resort emergency fuel source so it was never intended to be used as a long term fuel source.

The foremost question about the operation of the stratified, wpod gasifier concerns char and ash removal. A schematic diagram of the stratified, downdraft gasifier is shown in Fig.

FEMA Gasifier

During operation of this gasifier, air passes uniformly downward through four zones, hence the name ‘stratified: The reader is urged to use his ingenuity and initiative in constructing his own wood gas generator. For example, the body of the unit consists of a galvanized plaans garbage can atop a small metal drum; common plumbing fittings throughout; and a large, stainless steel mixing bowl for the grate. That is how I learned If the tars get on your hands or your clothes or tools you cannot use soap and water to wash it off.



Obviously, it is gasifker to use these widely available biomass residues. The cylindrical shape is easy to fabricate and permits continuous flow of fuel.

The build is a bit more involved and technical. Smoke and gas vented into the atmosphere while new wood was being loaded; the operator bad to be careful not to breathe the unpleasant smoke and toxic fumes. Solar Dehydrator Plans – Combo Package download.

Imbert gasifier vs FEMA gasifier

Such manufactured gas was used for street lights and was piped into houses for heating, lighting, and cooking. No concerns of the fire climbing wlod through the wood hopper due to the wood hopper being a sealed oxygen free fuel holding vessel. In fact, many people can recall a widespread use of wood gas generators during World War II, gazifier petroleum products were not available for the civilian populations in many countries. Until the early ‘s, wood gasifiers all over the world including the World War II designs ffma on the principle that both the fuel hopper and the combustion unit be airtight; the hopper was sealed with a top or lid that bad to be opened every time wood was added.

This simplified design employs a balanced, negative-pressure concept in which the old type of sealed fuel hopper is no longer necessary.

Library / FEMA Gasifier | Drive On Wood!

I don’t planz the thread to turn “heated” to discourage people in anyway Section 3 contains information on operating, maintaining, and trouble-shooting your wood gas generator; also included are some very important guidelines on safety when using your gasifier system. It can be built with a minimum of tools. This unit was then mounted onto the sood of a gasoline-engine farm tractor and successfully field tested, using wood chips as the only fuel; see Fig.