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MEANING: Swamy Desikan states that GodhA sthuthi rose from him as a result of fully blossomed. Bhakthi for Her (Vikasitha BhakthE: utthitham). All sthOthrams. Godha Stuthi – (The Lord’s high regard for the Garlands worn by GodhA dEvi). viswaayamaana rajasA kamalEna naabhou. vaksha: sthalE cha kamalA. Godha Stuthi Tamil Easy to Print – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free.

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The end result is that You protect the Jeevans -that erred-from the wrath of Your Lord. AdiyEn is aware of these limitations of mine and hence am keeping quiet.

Godhai appears at other times like another incarnation of Sri Devi ,when one thinks of Her dayA for us. Vikrama Varsha AadippUram season has been a blessed one for adiyEn in that Godhai blessed adiyEN to write about the anubhavam of Swami Desikan going back to seven hundred years.

Swamy Desikan hints that the river Sarasvathi may not have padikkattukaL on its embankmentssince it flows underground. Your dear husband of choice does not even have a proper bed for You; furtherif you wish to travel to a destination of Your desire, You have to sit with Him uncomfortably on a bird.

Swami Desikan prays to Godhai to bless him with the boon of composing “amruthAyamAnam VaachAm” similar to the delectable sounds of the ankle bells of Godhai’s Kolusu nUpurams. The apourushEya Veda Vaaks are never untruthfulthey do not exaggerate or suppress truth and sththi krithrimams devious and dubious deeds like Naatakam and Goddha. Swamy Desikan answers his own question and says it is no wonder that the Prabhandhams that arose out of the lotus face of Godhai are very sweet and delectable.


Shri Andal Stuthi (Godha Stuthi)

The VedAs feel that they are from a foreign land and have sthutbi clue as how to go about praising Godhai’s glories. She is “Yoga DhrusyAm “. That is a miracle made possible by the power of Godhai, His Devi. The common factor behind the fame of both Yamunai and Your dhivya-Sookthis is their association with the glorious deeds of KaNNan. It appears that we have taken a DhIkshA vow to perform ceaselessly stbuthi the acts prohibited by the SaasthrAs.

Her breasts have a majestic appearance as ThiungabhadrA river. This mantra should be chanted when one is seated either in North East or East quadrant of the house.

RanganAthan stands in union with You and Sri Devi. Once the karuNA KatAksham of Godhai’s glances fell on themthe Vaak of the fodha transformed instantaneously into a delectablenectarine speech. We will hence follow his commentary for that reason entirely. The aparAdhams of sthutji Jeevans are then overlooked by the Lord. It is novel and has never been experienced before. If You bless me with this boon, it will also be very pleasing to the divine ears of Your Lord Sri Ranganaathan.

The theme of this slOkam is about the recognition of the superiority of the Godhai’s flower garland over Vyjayanthi maalai. Her Siras is equal to the Upanishads in that context.

Thus arose the varAha Charama slOkam. Swami uses another “api” at the end of “vidhantham ” to say that even if he knows about his helplessnesssome thing happened next very quickly sahasiva to change the situation.

On the other handShe becomes immensely visible dhrusuyAm in her state of blessed union as a kalpaka creeper with Her Harichandana tree of Sthutih. Your elders like Your father wanted to enjoy the Lordwho is very dear to Youjust as You did.

She is saluted as the ocean of deep vaathsalyam for usHer children. You are like the other form of Chandran. ThusHis whole body is covered with these divine fragrances and YetHe seems not to be fully satisfied. Swami also prays for the boon of excellent sam execution vidhAnam of his kaimkaryam. NarmadhA asi nanu” queries Swami Desikan. SarasvathiILABharathi. The Vedic aspects of the names of the rivers have been added especially.


We offend Him and generate His anger at us.

Raja Thatha’s stotra translations: Godha Sthuthi by Vedantha Desika

If that were to be the reason for sthithi IthihAsam to be so sweet to enjoySwamy asks what would be the status of the Prabhandhams that arose out of the lotus face of Godhai and answers it:. Herehe describes the glories sthuthj by the river GodhAvari gocha having the name of Godhai. That rain takes shape as a mighty river that flows swiftly and washes away all the sufferings of the SamsAris. Near Kaanchipuram, She flowed with immense speed and got the name of Vegavathi and the Lord had to take the role of a Sethu dam to control Her fury.

In the final paadhamSwamy explains the result of that blossoming of the Vaaks of the blessed poets.

It originates in Gondavana and merges with GangA near Pataliputra. Your Lord forgives even us with such abundant bundles of ancient paapams. He sess You there with compassion for the Jeevans even a shade more than MahA Lakshmiengaged in pleading the cases of these erring chetanAs.

She appears like a flash of lightning. HenceYour Sri Sookthis have also attained the same level of fame as Yamunai.