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The jajmani system has evolved from the word Jajman which means upper caste people. William H Wiser was the first one to introduce the term. THE JAJMANI SYSTEM. AN INTRODUCTION: The Jajmani system is the system of exchange of goods and services between the members of different castes. classic study (The Hindu Jajmani System, ) and proceeding to a range of stu – other writers, of the traditional jajmani system as a system in which the.

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This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat In jajmani system, the cultural values of generosity and charity are religious obligations.

Meaning and Characteristics of Rural Leadership. This article possibly contains original research. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered.

Gould also studied the formal rate at which jajmans paid purjans for the services rendered. Drop files here or.

What is the function of the system? However, collective action on either side does not affect the interests of jajmahi caste as a whole. Dumont has pointed out that this system has to satisfy all those who enter into jajmani relationships. Do jajmans exploit the kamins by paying them meagre quantity of food-grains or a small amount of money by compensating them or in some other manner?

Here, the Britishers were more interested in developing their economy at the cost of Indian economy.

jajmani system | Characteristics & Facts |

Since this system is hereditary, the kamin is assured of his occupation. The landed higher caste Jajman are the patrons, and the service castes are the kameen servers of the shstem. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The terminology of Jajmani System was introduced into the Indian social anthropology by William Wiser.


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According to Harold Gould, these lower najmani make their own jajmani arrangements either through direct exchange of labour or by paying in cash or kind. Because this system is based on heredity, the kamin cannot take other Job or occupation and the advantage of latest scientific developments to improve his economic condition.

The patron family itself can be the client of another whom it patronizes for certain services and by whom it is in turn patronized for other services. It provides economic security to kamins as the jajman looks after all of their needs.

Jajmani system

For the Jajmani system, Functionalist and Conflict Theories have just opposite views on jajmnai system. They are organised around one institution, the dominant caste of a given area. Thus if some yajna is to be performed for that the services of some Brahmins are essentially needed.

Henty Orenstein has held that the families of village officials or village servants for example the watchman maintain jajmani relations with the whole village rather than with particular families.

This system with the durable relation between a landowning family and the landless families that supply them with goods and services is called the jajmani system. According to Wiser, the jajmani system serves to maintain the Indian village as a self-sufficing community.

Jajmani System: Concept, Functions and Values of Jajmani System

Exclusive Offers on Amazon. Some service families maintain jajmani relations with a segment of the village rather than individual families. Ishwaran has said, that it is a system in which each caste has a role to play in a community life as a whole.


Due to rapid expansion of transport and communication, the system is in a decline. The significance in this jajman-kamin relationship is that the jajman is expected to give concessions in the form of free food, free clothing, rent-free lands, etc. Being a jajman means being an orthodox Hindu whose value system made necessary the engagement of certain specialists of serving castes. Some intellectuals opine that there is no force or coercion involved in the jajmani system.

The boycott was popularized by Charles Stewart Parnell during the Irish land agitation of to protest high rents and land evictions. sysfem

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Jajmani system Indian culture. Systwm has said that an analysis of the jajmani system which sees it as a component of a feudal order seems unwarranted. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Kamin may sell his rights to a client to another kamin.

Jajmani System: Concept, Functions and Values of Jajmani System

In this system, the kamins are considered low whereas the jajmems are placed high. For example, if one Kumhar potter family attempts to take over the jajmans of another, then the injured Kumhar family appeals to its caste council to call off the intruders.

The agricultural castes, which are invariably upper castes, seek the services of the occupational castes, which Eire generally lower castes.