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You can prune jatropha at any time. If you would like yours to grow in a tree shape, simply cut out all but one stem coming out of the ground to force it to have a. Jatropha can be pruned in two ways. One is multi-stemmed shrub and the other is single-stemmed small tree. Since jatropha has the capacity to bloom. Jatropha shrubs grow tall if left non-pruned. Pruning helps to keep the height within harvestable distances. Since, Jatropha flowers are borne on leaf axils of new.

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Plant spacing The “head” of this little tree will spread wide so jatrohpa away from the house at least 3 to 4 feet. When closing the hole first half fill the hole and add water to it to remove the air pockets surrounding the roots pruninv then add the remaining soil to the hole and then water it again. Take a crash course! Prune heavily in spring late March and early April and it will fill out quickly to become lush and full.

For more information on these Florida-friendly varieties of jatropha, contact your county Extension office. You can do several hard prunings throughout warm weather if you jatgopha.

Other plants you might like: You can plant as close as 3 feet from a fence.

But with frequent “haircuts” pruninv trimming back of branches they can be kept nicely rounded for a formal landscape. A delightful shrub for a sunny spot in any size South Florida landscape, this pretty plant grows full and lush with regular trimming, and makes an excellent accent or anchor prunnig a garden bed with other butterfly attracting plants. Because it holds its flowers above the foliage, jatropha is delightfully showy.


Jatrophas are drought-tolerant once established, preferring regular waterings with time to dry out in between. Take a crash course!

How to Trim Jatropha

These are evergreen shrubs that need a well-drained location in full to part sun. They can be pruned as a single trunk for tree growth, or tip pruned for internal branching.

Growth Habit Jatropha the evergreen shrub has the ability to grow till a height of prnuing 15 feet in the wild. Trim off yellowing and unproductive branches during the growing season to focus plant energy to branch and seed production.

If you would like yours to grow in a tree shape, simply cut out all but one stem coming out of the ground to force it to have a pguning. The plant blooms most of the year with bright red flowers and dark green leaves. Now also available as an ebook! Golden Dewdrop Create a fun contrast by pairing jatropha, and its rich red flowers, with the blue blooms of golden dewdrop.

Versatile and showy, the clusters of tiny but vivid flowers stand out against deep green leaves and the small size makes it the perfect accent tree for sunny areas. This shrub is drought-tolerant once established. The dwarf jatropha tree Jatropha integerrima ‘Compacta’ is the one to buy In a mixed bed, allow at least 3 or 4 feet between it and other shrubs. If placing along a walk or drive, come in 4 feet. Looking for a certain plant?


In colder-winter areas, you can grow jatropha as a beautiful patio tropical for the summer. Butterflies love these plants.

How to Prune Jatropha

Tip Wipe the blades of the pruning clipper with isopropyl alcohol to prevent the introduction of disease in the open wounds after trimming. Used Cooking Oil Welcome to the on-line information center for jatropha.

Jatropha Jatropha integerrima Share: Jatropha is not intended for human or animal consumption. These plants can be cold-sensitive and do best in Zone It grows well both in landscape beds prjning in large containers, making it a perfect accent plant in your landscape, as well as in decorative containers on your deck, patio, or balcony. These plants can reach about 15 feet tall and have an equal spread when left unpruned.

Our Products Jatropha Market place Welcome to the jatrophw information center for jatropha. Attention South Florida Business Owners! Edward Baker, some rights reserved cc-by-nc-sa 2.

Jatropha | Costa Farms

Jatropha is an evergreen small tree native to West Indies. Attention South Florida Business Owners! The plant can be grown as a mixed shrub or as a hedge.