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Aug 25, Title: KTM PowerWear US, Author: KTM GROUP, Name: KTM PowerWear US, Length: 57 pages, Page: 1, Published: For further information please read our Privacy Policy. Categories Select your bike. Select your bike. -, , , , , , , , , . Fast, Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 on KTM PowerWear Youth Offroad Hat & KTM PowerWear and gear at Shop with the guys that.

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According to PDM, PJPS’ loyal followers will use social media and grassroots efforts to spread the word and “evangelize” the screenings in their towns among friends, family, the community and the motorcycle industry to pre-book the local theatre for special screenings of PJPS. Tentatively scheduled for Aprilthe race will include all SCORE classes including bikes and ATVs, though those may run on a separate day from the trucks and cars.

Photo by Sean Klinger. Full Screen Modal Title. View the discussion thread. Got something to say?

Power Parts| KTM Stuff KTM Powerparts and KTM Power wear

SCORE reportedly plans to introduce a new race to the series next year and hold it on this side of the border near El Centro, California. Gathr can also facilitate screenings in a wide array of venues such as libraries or community centers, all you need are seats and digital projection capabilities.

Gathr Films has relationships with theatres all across the United States. The updated HJC logo can powerweaar found on the visor, chin guard and back of each new helmet. On a motocross track, the Flux and Phase powwerwear combos—built on popular Thor gear chassis—work every bit as well as we expected them to, and the style on all the products is very cool for the strictly-KTM customer.

For a sub-two-hundred-dollar helmet, the FG-X has impressive features and new designs that are hard to ignore. Marvin Musquin states the differences between European and American motocross and sand powerear Jeffrey Herlings has ready ten tricks for a fast ride on the soft ground. The gear performed well there, with the high-altitudes proving to be a great testing ground for the multi-layered jacket. To become a 214 or get notified about screenings near you please visit: While the city has run other events, of course, dirt bike races are another matter—as the city discovered.


Not only on the race track, even in the digital world KTM gets weaving. After all, Pfeiffer did win Erzberg a few times! Taking his fifth consecutive overall win, the ‘Moose’ was in top form enjoying the technical course and perfect weather conditions. The John Penton Story will be in select theaters soon. In addition to the traditional technical data, degree views, interactive bike strips, numerous close-up photos and videos open new possibilities to discover the new bike range already prior to the first test ride.

Much to his chagrin, however, TSA agents refused to let the fork legs and shock pass inspection—and Club team rider Ryan Kudla found himself in the same boat. All information on the motocross bike range, a preview of the new PowerParts and PowerWear collection as well as background information on the KTM factory riders and exclusive wallpapers are now available on the digital SX folder at www.

There are no comments yet. It is then up to the fans to spread the word about the event! But while one race seems to be history, another appears on the horizon.

NOW ONLINE: KTM’S Motocross World 2014 In Form Of The SX Digital Folder

Photo By Paul Clipper. David Knight has forsaken his Honda and is now a part of the Sherco team. Skip to main content. Like most racers going overseas, he had some last-minute personal-preference items with him as checked luggage, including extra suspension units. If you only look at the off-road motorcycle scene, HJC Helmets might not even be on your radar as far as helmets go, yet since HJC has been one of the top helmet brands in the United States.


Keep me signed in. On the last pages can be found a preview of the new offroad PowerParts plus first images of the PowerWear collection. The company has a long and focused history of making helmets at every price point to meet the needs of professional racers and first-timers alike.

Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus youTube rss. As in the previous year, the latest KTM motocross bike range presents itself in the form of a digital and interactive webfolder — particularly tailored for the mainly young customers.

Be the first to comment On target, exclusive wallpapers are available for download and wait for riders, readers and users as well as the link to the exciting KTM customer sport program. Photo by Chris Denison. The John Penton Story PJPS is currently in post-production and has a new theatrical distribution partnership pwerwear Gathr Films in Los Angeles, which means it will be shown poaerwear select theaters around the country.

This includes the big commercial theatre chains as well as independent art houses.

Welcome to Weekly Dirt, the best place on the Internet for off-road news from around the world. After struggling with his privateer Honda program inthe former world and British off-road champ has signed with Sherco for the coming year.

Check out a video interview with Knighter about his plans: The folder is completed with exclusive interviews and background information on the KTM motocross factory riders. The Catalina Grand Prix has officially been cancelled for Photo by Adam Booth.

Motorcycle enthusiasts and movie fans alike can simply go to the website to bring the amazing story of John Penton’s passion and influence to their local theatre.