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does anyone know if there is a pdf-manual of the fisheye 2 out there? just googled it without any success. i just got my fisheye over ebay, but. This allows you to take 2 or more exposures on one frame. While I don’t have any specific tips for the Lomography Fisheye, I do have a few. Fisheye. Progressing chronologically through the Lomography portfolio, saw manual film winding, and the ability to shoot in square or rectangular formats. an aspect ratio wider than the conventional of most 35mm film cameras.

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How do i use a Lomo fisheye 2? (I am borrowing a friends and it came without a manual)?

We will try do everything we can to resolve the issue. Here’s your chance to join!

How can i get better fisheey photography? Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Six years later, Lomography tweaked this basic design and added a larger, clearer optical viewfinder, greater exposure control, and a built-in flash to result in the second iteration of the fisheye, aptly named the Fisheye No.

I understand that if you hold down the B for a certain amount of time the more exposure i can get? Answer Questions What are some huge things in this photo?

In typical Lomography fashion, both cameras take a unique approach to producing an image with an aspect ratio wider than the conventional 3: Compact and cute, it offered a degree field of view and the capability to shoot sharp, beautiful pictures even up close.

Shooting film in a plastic body with a fixed shutter speed and few other controls means you will be concentrating on composition alone. How many raw shots can your camera take before the buffer fills? In the Fisheye No.


For Lomographer elmahiko, the best of both worlds can be found in the Serbian city of Novi Sad. Thus giving the picture a astonishing look. Wash up your morning face and greet the day with a smile. But I’m interested to work honestly and with high quality.

Fisheye No. 2 35 mm Camera

Has your friend used this? A rather rare option is the products of the Minsk MMZ. You buy what you see. In this position, the shutter won’t accidently fire. Flash connection Diana Flash Plug. Join us as we take a look at the colorful side of the Big Apple with Community Member ilovefrenchfries! Everything work properly The Lens: The Sprocket Rocket tackles this challenge with its ability to record an image twice as long as a standard 24 x 36mm frame, as well as an image that covers the full width of 35mm film, bleeding over the sprockets that are typically masked in other cameras.

Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams.

The Ultimate Guide to Lomography | B&H Explora

Lomography Fritz the Blitz 2. More refinements More refinements Custom Bundle see all. What is some advice for an amateur photographer?

His poetic way of talking about photography in this interview not only proves his passion for the medium but most likely makes you want to grab your camera right away and snap your submissions. Who knew adult field trips could be this fun and colorful? Keeping the same classic profile of the Diana F the flash-capable version of the first Dianaincluding the distinct turquoise top plate, proprietary flash plug connection, and center optical finder, Lomography’s take on the classic did see some marked distinctions from its half-century-older sibling, including its removable lens that reveals a wide-angle pinhole, and the ability to accept a slew of accessories, such as add-on lensesan instant film backor a 35mm roll film back.


Distort your features till you resemble more of a obese panda than a human. For this very special LomoWalk we are teaming up with our friends at Strand Books and will take you and your Lomography Simple Use Camera on a beautiful NYC walk that combines photography and literature.

An accessory viewfinder lets you preview your Fisheye subject before hitting the shutter. Here are some tips on making the mos of this 35mm degree camera! If I take a picture of a beautiful farm house a private residence from a public road, would I need a photo release to sell the image? Glass is clean and clear, no scratches, no dust inside, no fungus. This is usually used for astrophotography, and night long exposures. The diaphragm is iris. Not only will you get some lush shots but the two circles will not be perfectly over each other!

There is lpmo a little ‘mx’ Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner. It makes every thing except the usual black abyss of the lens shadow look so shiny! You can shoot something at 10 centimeters, or at 3 feet, it will be sharp. Shooting layers of images in one frame was also made possible with the Multiple Exposure Switch MX switch. Lomography Earl Grey loo There were too many settings, and too many options to take care of before shooting a picture, and in the end, maybe 10 of the 36 exposures would look right.