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LOPEZ DE ZAVALIA, FERNANDO J. TEORIA DE LOS CONTRATOS TRATADO DE LOS CONTRATOS (TOMO I – III) http: //rapidshare. Teoría de los Contratos Tomo I – Fernando López de Zavalia. PDF – Mb. Lopez de Zavalia, Fernando Teoria De Los Contratos Lorenzetti, Ricardo Tratado De Los Contratos Tomo I buenos aires, argentina Diego.

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Si se considerara en particular la parte “.

O novo direito internacional: B The Brazilian proposal to an Inter-American Convention on the law applicable to some consumer contracts and transactions and its main points The Brazilian proposal has two main points: Livraria do Advogado,p.

By their choice the parties can select the law applicable to the whole or a part only of the contract. The scope is protecting the so called Endverbraucher final consignee. He tried to get it repaired in Brazil, but that model was manufactured in the USA, and the necessary spare parts were not available here.

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Brazilian law is not clear on this issue, which places the country in an uncomfortable situation, as the free choice of law is recognized gomo as a valid connecting factor The chosen law could be only applied if it is the most favorable to the consumer.

In the absence of regional conflict rules about consumer contracts and transactions, the Convention would be a very welcomed replacement. Direitos Humanos e Direito Constitucional Internacional.

Se destacan las siguientes disposiciones: Como lo explica Fernando J. Private International Law System and Philosophy.

However, there are some situations, where moral persons can also figures as the weaker party in the transaction. A Brazilian Private International Law applicable to consumer contracts and transactions a. Instead of doing that, the Court immediately applied the Brazilian Protection Code as an imperative rule and decided in favor of the consumer. Help Center Find new research papers in: Teoriw single rule that should be applicable to consumer contracts or transactions is article 9 that establishes the law applicable to all kinds of obligations, which in Contraatos includes both contracts and torts.


Other countries in the Americas adopt broad definitions of consumer in their substantive national laws that could include the idea of a bystander consumer, although they did not use exactly this expression.

These definitions however, adopt also a subjective approach, defining those contracts as made between a consumer and a professional or supplier.

For the first time in years, countries from both systems in the Americas are working together to achieve a common goal. The Federal Constitution changed the entire foundation of private law and established a new perspective, where human beings and their existential needs figure at the center of the legal system While Brazilian Private Law dealt with all these modifications, except several treaties or conventions on special issues17, the general rules of Brazilian Private International Law have remained practically untouched since That is what happened in the leading case Garcia v.


Log In Sign Up. The contribution of the Hague conference to the development of private international law in Latin America: The Code was enacted inonly two years after the Constitution and shifted the entire Brazilian Private Law in a new direction.

Mostly under the influence of German and Argentinean legal scholars, like Kropholler48, Jayme49, Boggiano50 and Toniollo 51, the Convention establishes the limited party autonomy as the general rule about applicable law.


The second and most important point is the question of choice of law. Following the German example, the law applicable to conflict issues in Brazil is the Introductory Law to the Civil Code, enacted in This freedom of choice can be used including in consumer contracts, except if it deprives the consumer of the protection afforded to him by the mandatory rules of the law of the country in which he has his habitual residence, according to article 5.

Consideraciones sobre el Consumo e el Derecho del Consumidor. On the other hand, Brazilian substantive private law has undergone what almost amounts to a revolution during the last twenty years Disponibilidad de procedimientos judiciales.

Codigo-Civil-Comentado-Sucesiones-Tomo-I-Aapdf – Free Download PDF

The choice must be expressed or demonstrated with reasonable certainty by the terms of the contract or the circumstances of the case. Article 9 is also the rule applicable to torts in general, which includes accidents involving defective goods contratoos services These cases from the last years of the 20th centurypresented suggestions to bring conflict of laws justice and substantive law justice closer together.

The Convention should bring more safety and certainty to international trade in the Americas and increase reliance for consumers that deal or want to deal abroad. Garcia filed a suit against the Panasonic Brazilian subsidiary before Brazilian courts, demanding redress, because the camera was still covered by the guarantee.